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Rostra Introduces SourcePWR – Intelligent 12-Volt Power Supply

LAURINBURG, NC (11.16.2016) – Rostra has announced an entirely new way for installers to power their add-on 12-volt electronics. Introducing SourcePWR: SourcePWR is a 3-wire device that fits in the palm of your hand and drastically reduces the amount of time installers need to spend searching for a stable 12-volt power supply on vehicles by making the process completely automatic.

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Connected directly to the vehicle’s battery, SourcePWR can detect when your vehicle’s engine is on in order to supply power to your connected accessories. SourcePWR automatically powers down these accessories when the engine turns off and enters a sleep mode so that no power is drawn from the battery. SourcePWR provides installers with a way of isolating the installation of their accessories from other more sensitive electronics on the vehicle.

While SourcePWR is perfectly suited for automotive use, its applications are limitless. The SourcePWR device is especially useful in situations where an installer has been tasked with adding an accessory component to a non-traditional vehicle and may not be particularly familiar with its electrical system. Such vehicles include heavy construction machinery (lighting and camera systems), watercraft such as boats (audio equipment), motorcycles (seat heaters and communication equipment) and more.

SourcePWR is now available for shipment. To view an informational PDF, click here.

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