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EchoMaster Launches Blind Spot Camera for Vehicles

CLEARWATER, FL (08.18.2016) – Vehicles of all shapes, sizes, makes, and models are equipped with side and rearview mirrors, allowing drivers to see other cars, pedestrians, and obstacles behind them. However, the placement of car mirrors guarantees unavoidable “blind spots,” areas of poor visibility that can pose a threat to driver safety.

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EchoMaster, Power Brand of AAMP Global and manufacturer of cameras, sensors, monitors, and other automotive safety equipment, has recently introduced a new blind spot camera designed to improve visibility and reduce the risk of collisions and other accidents, especially when changing lanes. The PCAM-BS1 is designed for versatility, and its self-adhesive design, with flexible base can be mounted on multiple areas of a vehicle. When mounted beneath side mirrors, the PCAM-BS1 improves driver visibility during lane changes. Pairing the PCAM-BS1 with a PAC BCI video interface, or with EchoMaster’s rearview mirror with monitor PMM-7333-PL, triggers the camera to turn on when a turn signal is being used, and converts the video signal to a constant.

According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are around 840,000 car accidents in the US each year that were caused by visibility problems in a driver’s blind spots. Of these, 300 result in fatalities. Nonfatal blind spot accidents can cause serious injuries and ongoing chronic health problems, such as neck injuries, broken glass injuries, concussions, spinal cord injuries, and whiplash.

Blind spot monitoring via camera systems can make a significant difference in accident risk. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway Loss Data Institute, statistics compiled in 2011 for 2007-2010 Mazda models with blind spot cameras indicated that the camera systems reduced claim frequency for collisions, property damage liability, and personal injuries.


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The majority of consumer vehicles on the road today are not equipped with blind spot cameras and other sophisticated safety systems, which is why EchoMaster’s PCAM-BS1, and full range of vehicle safety solutions are in such high demand.

Operating at 0.1 LUX, the PCAM-BS1-N uses a 1/4” CMOS sensor (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor.) This type of sensor is known for consuming minimal power, making it ideal for use in car camera systems. For extra durability, it’s IP67 rated for water and debris resistance. This rating means it is completely protected against dust intrusion, and can withstand water immersion up to one meter.

The launch of the PCAM-BS1 is the latest development in EchoMaster’s ongoing mission to make sophisticated modern car safety systems available to consumers and commercial drivers, helping to reduce the rate of collisions and injuries caused by blind spots, poor visibility, and other issues that prevent drivers from being fully aware of their surroundings. As camera and sensor technology continues to evolve, EchoMaster continues to release new, innovative driver safety solutions.

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