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Directed Releases 3 Million Tons of Firmware

VISTA, CA (08.04.2016) – Directed has announced the release of 3 million tons of new firmware, giving Directed the broadest range of vehicle coverage available.


As part of the complete Directed Experience, Directed firmware solutions provide the widest coverage in the industry, offering the most 3X Lock Start and Remote-Start-Ready coverage with support for 58% of all 2001 to 2016 vehicle models. Directed firmware also supports 90% of all 2007 to 2016 vehicle models. Better performance, wider coverage and exclusive features make Directed the industry’s go-to resource for the greatest selection of firmware solutions.

And that firmware really adds up. If you calculate the weight of all the vehicles covered by these new firmware solutions (that are currently on the road), you’d get an astounding 3,000,000 tons of vehicle coverage.

“If you haven’t had the Directed Experience lately, now is the time!” said Glenn Busse, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Care. “The Directed Experience is a fresh, new, and exciting look at everything Directed has to offer, from systems and firmware, to training, support, and dealer programs. And if you or anyone on your team isn’t completely satisfied with the Directed Experience, please contact us. We are dedicated to making it an experience you’ll never forget.”

These new firmware solutions support over 5 different makes and 13 different models of popular vehicles. For details, visit

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