Show Your Independence – Make Your Store an Exciting Experience

SHREVEPORT, LA (07.04.2016) – Happy 4th of July to all of our friends across the 12volt industry.

This holiday we observe the adoption of the Declaration of Independence – July 4th, 1776. By definition, independence is “the state or quality of being independent; freedom from the influence, control or determination of another or others.”

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Independent 12volt retailers – take note of your INDEPENDENCE – FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR BUSINESS. Make shopping in your store an exciting experience for consumers. You, not the internet or your cross-town competitor, control your business and its destiny. You have complete control of your actions to develop and grow your business.

It is evident store traffic has decreased over the past several years. Specialty retailers must develop and implement plans to show their customers that buying from them is a “special” and exciting experience. Utilizing the power of social media is a must to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Click above to visit instagram.com/12voltnews

Click above to visit instagram.com/12voltnews

As an independent retailer, you have a vision. That vision is fueled by your passion for products associated with the 12volt and automotive industry. Many consumers are keeping their vehicles, including boats longer, plus the UTV and watercraft market is on fire. Many consumers are looking to add something new to “refresh” their rides – on land or water. Products across the 12volt industry have never been a better value. The breadth of new technologies housed in 12volt product offerings has never been greater. The OEM’s are spending millions upon millions to “push” in-vehicle connectivity, safety, convenience and infotainment in their latest models. Take advantage of the OEM’s investment and showcase those categories and product to consumers in your marketplace.

Independent retailers must seize the opportunity to create consumer awareness for these new products and technologies. Connecting with followers and consumers via social media is a patch to visibility and store traffic.

The technology to engage followers and consumers to cultivate new customers have never been greater. Social media networks, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are available with virtually no cash outlay on the part of 12volt retailers.

July 4th is an opportunity for 12volt retailers to pause, take a quick breath and set out on the second half of 2016. As an independent specialty retailer Expand Your Comfort Zone – SHOW YOUR INDEPENDENCE! Fall in love with your business again and create an exciting experience for consumers in your store.