The Proline Car Stereo Show and Sale… OFF THE HOOK

Proline Car Show & Sale rocks Utica Avenue, May 2016

People packed Utica Avenue for the Proline Car Stereo Car Stereo Show and Sale on May 22, 2016!

BROOKLYN, NY (05.24.2016) – The traffic in front of the Proline Car Stereo location on Utica Avenue was at a standstill Sunday afternoon, May 22.

Proline Car Show & Sale rocks Utica Avenue, May 2016

The 3 POWER PLAYERS who cranked up the show: Proline owner Will Sullivan, flanked by MMats Pro Audio Prez David Thompson (L) and Morris Hartman, who represents the MMats brand in the Metro NY area. The trio planned this event during the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Owner Will Sullivan and the store crew, along with vendors and reps, found it almost impossible to help everyone that was inside and outside the store. The lines at the registers were often eight or 10 customers deep!!

Proline’s Will Sullivan commented, “Mike, it’s a great article! We are so proud to be mentioned and we so appreciate your support. These are such great undertakings and we take such pride in doing them well. This show was a culmination of a lot of hard work by our staff and vendors, all of whom realize that we can not just expect customers to just walk through the door. This show was our best effort yet, but we hope that it’s a stepping stone that breeds residual sales to help our company to continue to grow. 12Volt News is a credit to our industry and is vital to all that want to have the pulse of what’s happening around in the 12 volt world.”

Proline Car Show & Sale rocks Utica Avenue, May 2016

The Proline crew hustled to help every customer.

“I have worked a lot of shows with Proline but this event may have topped them all, baby,” Morris Hartman related to 12voltnews.com. He continued, “It was insane. In Vegas we set a plan for the MMats Pro Audio Monster Van to be at a Proline event, and it worked out this was the one. David Thompson, MMats’ Prez drove the rig up from West Palm Beach and the van was such a draw.” Hartman’s firm is the rep for MMats and in addition Hartman worked with the Renegade and Lightning brands at the event.

Thompson echoed Hartman’s comments and went even further, “I have never seen a consumer event with so many people and energy. People were standing at the back of the Monster Van 20 or 30 people deep and dancing to the music. All the while I was demoing the system to five folks inside the van. The 28,000 watts and 101 speakers pounded Utica Avenue.”

Proline Car Show & Sale rocks Utica Avenue, May 2016

MMATS PREZ!! David Thompson is in the house at the Proline Car Stereo Car Show and Sale.

The Rockford Fosgate van with Eric Smith was on site and Jeff Schultz showed the latest Pioneer to a packed showroom. Other hot show vehicles, demos and bikes dotted the Proline lot. A grill was set up in the back and all enjoyed burgers and soft drinks.

“A HUGE and special thanks to Will and Morris. They sold a ton of MMats,” Thompson concluded.

Proline Car Show & Sale rocks Utica Avenue, May 2016

The lot was filled with decked out demo vehicles and loaded bikes.

Proline Car Show & Sale rocks Utica Avenue, May 2016

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A big thanks to Hartman,Thompson and Smith for sending event images.

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