Window Tint School Opens In Jacksonville, FL

JACKSONVILLE, FL (05.17.2016) – The Window Tint School opened in Jacksonville, FL, on Monday, May 16. Jon Dewar and Darren Fettik are proud parents of all new state-of-art facility – Window Tint School! Window Tint School was designed from inception to help specialty retailers maximize revenue opportunities in the highly-profitable automotive window and flat glass film categories.

Window Tint School opens in Jacksonville, FL

OPEN!! The Window Tint School in Jacksonville, FL, opened on Monday morning, May 16. Students in the first 3-Day Boot Camp traveled from IN, GA, FL, and PA to attend.

The first Window Tint School class began on Monday morning, May 16 – the first day of the first 3-Day BOOT CAMP set for May 16-May18.

Dewar related to 12voltnews.com, “We really did our homework on this and we are thrilled coming right out of the box. The classroom training areas and hands-on workshop areas turned out to just perfect. Members of the first class all stated how happy they are with the setup.”

Classroom sessions teach window film from A-Z, laws that surround window film and will work with seasoned 12volt professionals learning the tricks of the trade installing film. Attendees will return to the field with a newfound understanding of how to increase efficiency and profitability in the category. All attendees will receive certification upon completion.

Fettik had the following to say about the boot camp, “Attendees of this program will learn from the best of the best! We’re proud to of the inclusion of Tint Master Extraordinaire, DJ Medvec as one of our instructors. DJ’s ability to teach his craft is second to none.”

Window Tint School opens in Jacksonville, FL

Instructor DJ Medvec (R) is pictured with students Darren and Joe in the front row. Whitney, Aaron and Brandon in the back row.

In addition, Window Tint School will also be offering a 3-Day MONEY MAKER Class. Attendees who would benefit from taking this class would be owners, managers, marketing staff and any Boot Camp attendee. Attendees will learn how to leverage their store’s brand in the categories of SEO, advertising basics, presentation/salesmanship, sales strategies (for both automotive and flat glass), as well as managing relationships with vendor partners. In addition, attendees will learn how to set up their facility to maximize quality, increase production, and streamline workflow.

Lastly, attendees learn how to use plotters for both film and vinyl as well as vinyl graphic installation. Attendees will return to the field with a new found understanding of how this category can be turned into one of the most profitable aspects of your business. This class alone could pay for itself many of times over and over again.



Both 3-day programs will offer plenty of hands-on time. Window Tint School is the first of its kind with 10 dedicated front door stations, 8 rear clips of different vehicles including rear windows and rear doors. Each station provides a different degree of difficulty and was chosen specifically for real world applications. Window Tint School has a dedicated room for specialty windows such as sliding rear truck glass, rear gasket windows, van windows, front windshields and different flat glass windows. The training is set up so that each student has their own station for maximum hands-on training. Window Tint School also has a dedicated classroom to teach general window tint theories and the compositions of films.

Concluding, Dewar added, “We wanted to make Window Tint School all about learning and as easy on the students as possible. We take care of the hotel accommodations, which includes a kitchenette, stove, fridge and microwave. We provide transportation to and from the school each day as well as catered lunches during classes. Window Tint School also provides a set of tools, free of charge, to every student as well as window film for use during the classes.”

For more info visit Window Tint School’s website at www.tint.school.