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End Result Show Seminar Spotlight – Marketing Your Business

PITTSBURGH, PA (02.29.2016) – The End Result Show is set for March 22, 2016, at the DoubleTree Hotel, Meadowlands in Washington, PA. See a seminar spotlight and full itinerary below.

Keynote Address – Marketing Your Business
2016 is in full swing and we are close to the end of the first quarter. It’s tough to jump on the current marketing train, because most of the time the train doesn’t even slow down in order for us to get on. It’s changing at a rapid pace.

What are the trends and how do you know which you should embrace? Which one of them is the key to everything else in sustaining your business? Learn what that trend is and why you must adopt it if you want your business to survive. Hear Cindy speak at dinner at 5:00 at the End Result Show. She also has a seminar we will also be spotlighting.

Cindy Neky, Marketing Pathways

Cindy Neky, Marketing Pathways

Cindy Neky, Marketing Pathways
Cindy Neky is a skilled Marketing Consultant, Certified Social Media Strategist, Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert and Speaker. With over 25 years marketing experience, she assists businesses and organizations succeed in today’s fast paced, ever-changing marketplace. She is an engaging speaker on topics related to digital marketing and social media. Cindy has a unique understanding of how digital marketing works with traditional marketing to achieve strategic business goals. Visit the Marketing Pathways web site.

Seminar Schedule: 8:00 am – 7:30 pm. Lunch & Dinner will be provided.

  • Mobile Installation Bay Efficiencies
  • Make Your Business ..Worx.. Get The Tools You Need
  • Paradigm/Anthem Wireless Streaming Training
  • OEM Integration with Audison Prima Technologies
  • How to Use Social Media to Cash In On Sales
  • Understanding the Luxury Customers Wants & Needs
  • Advanced Installation Skills-Creating 3D Trim Panels
  • Yes! You Can Fix Your Store
  • The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Sales & Profit with Lighting
  • Paradigm Dealer Council Meeting
  • Tricks & Tips of Two-Piece Projection
  • Tools for an Integrated Lifestyle-What PAC Item Does it?
  • Dinner/Keynote Address – Marketing Your Pathways
  • Home Audio Video Dealers Roundtable Discussion
  • Car Audio Dealers Roundtable Discussion
  • Casino Night at The End Result Show

Dealers can pre-register by following this link.

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