Add SiriusXM to Every Vehicle on the Lot

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NEW YORK, NY (02.15.2016) – Turn it on. The new SiriusXM Expeditor Program is an opportunity to turn on SiriusXM in every vehicle on the dealership’s lot.

Both vehicles with factory equipped satellite radio and aftermarket radios are opportunities for proactive expeditors to realize profit opportunities. Hardware and installation profitability can be earned on every radio sold. On the road drivers can enjoy commercial-free music, world-class news, every major sport, the biggest names in comedy and exclusive entertainment. Best of all, SiriusXM programming is available from coast-to-coast with a 3 month all access free trial.

The SiriusXM Expeditor program offers four great aftermarket solutions. The Commander Touch SXVCT1T is a stand alone unit that connects to an existing radio. The SVX3001T vehicle tuner connects to a SiriusXM-ready stereo. The Advent ADVUNI300-SVX300V1T provides a bundled solution for any double DIN radio opening. The SATSTREAMER-SXV300V1T is a bundled solution for Toyota, Scion and Honda vehicles.

siriusxm-expeditor-wideIn addition to a wide selection of product solutions SiriusXM offers a broad selection of Point of Sale items. These attention grabbing Point of Sale items can highlight the SiriusXM Turn It On promotion on the dealership lot. The Point of Sale items include an Aftermarket Dealer Guide which details why SiriusXM is one of the hottest accessory add-ons in the automotive world. Visor tags spotlight over 150 channels of programming the customer will receive with their All Access 3 month free trial and instructs them on how to activate their new radio. Static widow clings will serve to prompt for customers to call to activate their free trial after radio installation. Program guides are designed for consumer handouts for dealerships.

logo_siriusxm-expeditor-wideContact your VOXX Electronics sales rep to order the SiriusXM Aftermarket Dealer Program Point of Sale and Marketing Kit.

Visit siriusxm.com/expeditor for complete offer details and how to order product from VOXX Electronics.