2016… A New Year of Opportunities

feat-0104-new-year-2016SHREVEPORT, LA (01.04.2016) – January 1st 2016 marked the beginning of a New Year filled with opportunities. Happy New Year!

The New Year is a time to start with a clean slate and a fresh set of goals for the coming year. This week’s Consumer Electronics Show 2016, and activities across Las Vegas, will provide a springboard for 2016.

There is an old saying “Nothing is more constant than change.” The fact that online commerce will continue to capture sales from brick and mortar retailers has become a constant that won’t change – unless brick and mortar retailers change their approach to the marketplace.

Black Friday sales were up over 20% in 2015. Between Black Friday and Christmas eve FedEx and UPS combined to deliver nearly a billion packages. To be sure, not all of those packages were Christmas gifts. However, as online ordering surged, the majority were Christmas gifts.

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In the evermore digital marketplace, all brick and mortar retailers must change their mindset and marketing approach to engage the consumer marketplace. To be successful retailers must create an overall experience consumers can not get from an online retailer. Hearing crisp highs, and feeling bass in the chest, just can not be experienced online.

Social media outreach is an extremely powerful vehicle through which 12volt retailers can develop a legion of loyal followers and engage consumers.



Mobile devices are in the hands of virtually all consumers today. The smartphone is such a valuable tool for 12volt retailers to showcase their respective message to their followers and consumers. New product arrivals, hot installations and new in-store displays represent ideal content to highlight through planned social media posts. By the time the morning coffee is brewed a far sighted 12volt retailer could have made an Instagram post. That post could feature a new product with an invitation to come into the store for an ultimate demonstration. As the Instagram post was made that content could have been shared to Facebook and Twitter accounts also.

For the good of our 12volt industry, the community of suppliers must endeavor to inform the world of the benefits mobile electronics products offer consumers. It’s is well known the price driven “Race to Zero” has stripped marketing budgets. Recent emphasis on high end in-vehicle audio is a terrific way to kick off the New Year. Elettromedia-usa’s lineup of education sessions at the Orleans in Vegas is a high reward initiative that can have far-reaching benefits for the company’s dealer base… and thus the 12volt industry as a whole.

“Again, Happy New Year and best wishes for a very prosperous 2016.”

-Micheal Van Horn

Going forward into the New Year, we encourage all 12volt retailers to sell their brand and their unique in-store experience. Showcasing that in-store experience via all social media channels available can generate store traffic and good business.