DD Audio Deconstruct Showcase Set for Vegas


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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (12.11.2015) – DD Audio manufacturer of high-end mobile and lifestyle audio products will be hosting an invite only Deconstruction Showcase in Las Vegas NV, Jan 6th-9th 2016. As the event’s name suggests DD’s training team will be deconstructing things. They will be breaking every DD product down to it’s base elements to show you what makes them so unique in a market where many products appear the same.

The main goal of the showcase will be to educate current and potential dealers as to why DD Audio is one of the world’s leading audio manufacturers. DD Audio Team members from Tech Support, R&D, and Sales will be on hand to provide in depth trainings, demonstrations, and to answer any and every question you’ve ever had about DD Audio. There will also be demo vehicles on-site giving attendees the chance to hear what some of the newest DD Audio products sound like in real world applications.

dd-audio-ces-16-showcase-wideThis will allow the training team to really focus on one-on-one interactions with attendees. DD will not only use these interactions for educating the attendees, but also to educate themselves. There will be open discussions on what future product developments DD dealers will benefit the most from, and what elements will improve dealer profitability when partnering with DD Audio.

This event is invite-only. For more info regarding DD Audio in Vegas, email sales@ddaudio.com

DD is very excited about the upcoming year, and this showcase will provide an opportunity to show potential and current dealers a glimpse of the future of DD Audio.

For more information, email sales@ddaudio.com or visit www.ddaudio.com