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Sanford Sound Celebrates 20 Years

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“Seeing new products like the SiriusXM Commander Touch keeps business exciting,” commented Jack Bogard.

SANFORD, ME (11.20.2015) – Sanford Sound, with Jack Bogard at the helm, is celebrating 20 years.

“Hard to believe its been 20 years. We have definitely seen a lot of changes over the last 2 decades in the car stereo business. From my view I still have the passion and look forward to opening the door in the morning,” Bogard related to

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logo-250_sanford-soundAs part of the 20 year celebration there are frequent updates to the Sanford Sound Facebook page featuring images of the store and events through the years.

Bogard continued, “One of the recurring annual events at Sanford Sound is the “Bikini Car Wash”. Area enthusiasts and members of the Sanford community look forward to the event each summer. All car wash donations each year benefit a deserving local charity.”

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“It’s been awhile, probably 15 years, but I remember attending a Bikini Car Wash at Sanford Sound. Jack and the staff did it right. There was a lot of excitement in the air, the crowd was excited about car audio and folks were lined up to get their car washed by one of the lovely bikini clad ladies. It’s terrific to see Jack continues to utilize this type event to create interest in his market area,” stated Mike Van Horn.

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