Brick and Mortar Retailers Are Under Attack

Amazon set to hire 100,000 seasonal workers for this holiday season. Brick and mortar retailers in all categories must be pulling their hair out. As a specialty 12volt retailer create an extra special in-store experience for consumers to shop and buy local.

As a specialty 12volt retailer, create an extra special in-store experience for consumers to shop and buy local.

SHREVEPORT, LA (10.26.2015) – Media outlets across the U.S. have noted online sellers are ramping up for the holiday selling season. Amazon has an initiative in place to hire 100,000 seasonal workers for the 2015 holiday season. Big Box retailers are spending BILLIONS to construct massive distribution centers across the U.S. In addition, these companies are investing huge sums on internal systems to expedite deliveries to online customers. Online sales are up 12% year to date in 2015. Traditional brick and mortar retailers, in all product categories, are under attack.

A recent Saturday afternoon shopping trip, October 17th, to several national chain stores was an eye-opener. The OfficeMax showroom floor looked thin and the selection of products, plus accessories for mobile devices, has been scaled back. The same was true with sister company Office Depot.

The Shreveport Best Buy sales floor also looked thin… merchandise spread out to fill the massive square footage. In addition, products advertised in the Sunday newspaper insert were not available and the “Blue Shirts” were not helpful.

(Click above to view on instagram.com/12voltnews)

(Click above to view on instagram.com/12voltnews)

The above scenarios undoubtedly drive more and more consumers to shop, and buy, from online sellers.

Proactive 12volt specialty retailers are in a unique position to earn the business of today’s savvy consumer. Creating a great in-store experience, accented by knowledgeable sales staff, will create a loyal customer base. 12volt retailers also have the tremendous advantage of offering great demonstrations on the showroom floor and in a demo vehicle. Consumers can not feel the bass in their chest, or hear the highs, online. Expert installation is definitely an ace in the hole.

There are 157,000,000 people in the U.S., over the age of 16, with jobs. Americans are driving more than ever so they must be in their cars. The average age of vehicles on the road in the U.S. is 11.5 years old. These older vehicles are prime for all of the in-vehicle hi-tech upgrades OEM’s advertise across the airwaves. Gas prices are the lowest in a decade – meaning consumers have more disposal income.

With all the positives in the paragraph above… “Let’s Work To Make The 12volt Industry Great Again.”