Linear Power Powers OmegaLab Studio

Rob McClain with one of the Linear Power amplifiers.

NASHVILLE, TN (10.14.2015) – Rob McClain is one of the elite sound engineers in Nashville, with years of work and credentials that impress any music industry professional. His OmegaLab studio/venue is regarded as one of the most unique sound “rooms” in Music City USA, and it’s a tent. It’s an Army issue LME (Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure used for housing Abrams tanks) tent that houses audio and video gear for live performances, and the most critical recording sessions. In the warm months people who don’t mind a few real crickets chirping in the background record and present small concerts for usually no more than 20 – 25 people. It’s really quiet in the winter months, with the studio sitting on top of a mountain outside Nashville, in the woods, far removed from typical traffic and the everyday humdrum of noisy activity.

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One of Rob’s goals is to have the majority of electric power produced by the sun, and running all productions with 12-volt power, similar to a car or truck. That brings us to the power supplied to the speakers for playback and concert stage mains and monitors. All are to be powered by car audio amplifiers, which are powered by 12-volt car batteries that are hooked up to the solar power collectors and converters. These are not typical consumer car audio amplifiers. Rob is working with Linear Power President Ray Rayfield to install all Linear Power USA built, high-performance car audio amps. By the time they are done outfitting OmegaLab’s speakers, there will be 31 channels powered by these amplifiers. These are replacing the traditional pro audio amps by some the best names in the industry.

logo_linear-power-wideThe first amp was installed on the studio playback monitors, replacing a Hafler amp, and Rob’s ears have perceived a noticeable positive difference with more headroom and dynamics coming from the Linear Power LP2150 2 X 150 watts at 4 ohms) on top-shelf Tannoy 6.5 speakers.

Linear Power’s Ray Rayfield (Left) consulting with Rob McClain about the performance of Linear Power amps.

Ray met Rob at a MECA SQL Judge Training session at the tent in February. MECA President Steve Stern, a Nashville based songwriter, musician, and sound engineer discovered OmegaLab and sensed that this would be a perfect part of the Judge Training that MECA does each year, always at a studio for reference listening, and moved that part of the session to OmegaLab with great success. Stern and McClain demonstrate recording techniques and realistic sound reproduction on a huge scale with live performance and source track listening sessions. These are for the most serious Sound Quality enthusiasts and pros. No more than 8 trainees are included in these sessions to give them the most exposure and listening time in with the studio monitors, in particular. For the next session, Linear Power will be providing the power for the studio monitors, presenting the trainees with, most likely, the most focused and accurate reproductions of approved test tracks that they will ever hear. This is a high level perception experience.

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