Cartronix Earns the Official Car Audio of Northwest Indiana Badge

Eric Carter (L) with techs Richie Wright and Brian Trinoskey behind the sales counter in the new location.

Eric Carter (L) with techs Richie Wright and Brian Trinoskey behind the sales counter in the new location.

VALPARAISO, IN (10.13.2015) – Cartronix is the best in the business when it comes to mobile enhancements in Northwest Indiana, and they’ve become so widely renowned for their high quality service and knowledge that they have come to be known by many as the Official Car Audio and Mobile Enhancement Company of Northwest Indiana.

How did they earn such respect and recognition? Simple:

Cartronix has been nationally recognized, and have received numerous awards in their industry, and been known around the community as a company that is passionate about what they do, the most knowledgeable about the service they provide, and are widely respected by professionals and customers alike for their commitment to not only providing the best, but the safest and most reliable service you will find in Northwest Indiana.

Cartronix-Medal-1Owner Eric Carter said he is proud to be known as the Official Car Audio store in Northwest Indiana, and takes the honor seriously.

“Since 1976 we have been serving the community in Northwest Indiana,” Carter told IIMM. “And we have been matching their lifestyles with the latest mobile electronics and great sounding vehicles since.”

But it’s not just Cartronix’s customers that are singing their high praises, it’s also the suppliers Cartronix works with as well.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Eric and the team over at Cartronix,” commentedMike Lewis of Alpine Audio. “I have been doing this for 34 years and he promotes and merchandises his store very well.”

logo-250_cartronixSo how does working with the best make it easier for suppliers like Alpine to make sure the best products are getting to Cartronix, and in turn, you the customer?

“It’s easy to work with someone like Eric and get business done,” Lewis added. “It’s better to work with someone who does business the right way.”

Stop into Cartronix sometime and see what the difference being the best makes, and look for the Official Car Audio Store badge to make sure you know you are getting the best service from the best team in Northwest Indiana.

Visit www.cartronix.com for more.