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KICKER Audio Kicks Out the Jams with New Wireless, Water-Resistant KPw2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

STILLWATER, OK (10.06.15) – KICKER has innovated again for the wireless speaker market, improving on the design and output of its groundbreaking KPw Portable Bluetooth Speaker with the new KICKER KPw2. The new model features upgrades and enhancements while refining core aspects of the KPw experience.

Kicker Announces New KPw2 Speaker

New KPw2 to be released mid-November 2015.

Like its predecessor, the new KPw2 accepts audio streams from all Bluetooth sources including smartphones, tablets and PCs. Extremely compact with a rechargeable battery, KPw2 liberates music lovers from cable spaghetti with pristine Bluetooth portability. The KPw2 will be available for purchase at and other fine electronics retailers by mid-November. MSRP is $199.99.

KPW2W PortsThe new KPw2 adds utilitarian charge-out capability so users can charge a phone or tablet; improved volume control by rubber membrane buttons; new track-forward and track-back transport controls; a modified design that reduces the amount of vibration and “jumping” from deep bass; inclusion of a 2.1A/5V power supply in the system; and sleek new color options.

“Tech savvy music lovers and gamers want wireless audio playback capability anywhere,” stated KICKER Performance Audio Brand Manager Jeremy Bale. “Wireless Bluetooth audio and strong battery life are assumed, and they won’t trade performance for portability. The new KPw2 speakers play loud and very clear, and take full advantage of smartphone, tablet and computer streaming capabilities. It’s on-the-go audio for active people at a highly competitive price.”

KPW2 Front

The KPw2 packs the punch of dual drivers, passive radiators for muscular bass and ideal digital-signal-processing defaults for enhanced audio performance. The rubber end panels include easy to use controls for power, volume, track forward and back and Bluetooth connections. Speakerphone functionality makes the KPw2 extremely useful in the car, home office and other hands-free environments. The cylindrical speaker – about the size of a water bottle – fits anywhere (purses, backpacks, bike caddies, etc.), with up to 10 hours of output from a single charge. Its watertight and dust-resistant design is rated at IPX5 protection, with sturdy reinforced metal grilles and rubber guides. Both an attachable strap and carabiner come with the KPw2.

KPw2 features smooth single-button Bluetooth pairing to effortlessly play music files from any Bluetooth device with total freedom of movement. A micro-USB cable plugs directly into devices for easy charging, which can also be done with the power adapter (included).

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