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AAMP Intros Backup Camera Module for Select Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Vehicles

BCI-CH21 (Click above to view product page)

BCI-CH21 (Click above to view product page)

CLEARWATER, FL (09.14.2015) – AAMP of America has introduced the PAC BCI-CH21, a plug-and-play kit that facilitates the installation of a backup camera system to select Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles with CAN-Bus.

The popularity of in-vehicle backup camera systems has grown, especially fueled by them becoming universal in new vehicles off the lot. But, with the average age of the vehicles on the road being 11, there are still many drivers out there looking to enhance their car with a backup camera system.

“The BCI-CH21, and the entire PAC line of backup camera integration modules, gives drivers the ability to add a backup camera system to their vehicle, while retaining the factory look and experience,” commented PAC Product Manager, Nathan Wincek. “Beyond the consumer experience, we have also designed the piece to allow for easy plug-and-play installation, enabling professional installers to better serve their customers.”

According to a recent consumer survey conducted by AAMP, 42% of respondents felt having a backup camera is “very important” and 25% “important”, yet 70% of respondents’ vehicles did not currently have a backup camera system and 60% of respondents said they would like to add this feature to their current vehicle.

logo_pac-audio-plainIn addition to the BCI-CH21, AAMP offers a full range of products that allow drivers to add a backup camera to their existing vehicle. While the BCI-CH21 enables backup camera integration into your factory screen, through AAMP’s safety brand Echomaster, consumers also have the option to replace their rear view mirror, with a mirror that displays your backup camera projection, including park assist.

“We recognize how important it is to feel safe every time you get behind the steering wheel,” stated Global Safety and Convenience GM, Shaun Findley (based in Bordon, UK). “That’s why we have developed a global line of products that give drivers the ability to easily add a backup camera to any vehicle. We also believe that you should be able to personalize your experience, which is why we have products that let you pick your view: through the factory screen, or in your rear view mirror; and pick your camera.”

To visit the BCI-CH21 product page, click here. To learn more about the BCI-CH21, click here to check out the launch video.