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Audiomobile Ships Slimline “Evo” Series

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LAS VEGAS, NV (08.04.2015) – Audiomobile has begun initial shipments of their latest ‘Advanced Technology’ car audio subwoofers – the EVO “24” Series. Following a year after the introduction of the highly- acclaimed GTS “21” series subwoofers, the EVO Subwoofers utilize an array of unique performance technologies, including low-profile SLX cast alloy frame, proprietary Shaped-Manifold-Gap (“SMG”) compact, fully machined, motor, with multi-layer DVC design, resulting in the longest excursion, shallow-mount subwoofer on the market.

Designed for small sealed enclosures, or to work in concert with the new pre-tuned, M-CAR (Modular Coupled Acoustic Radiators), the EVO ‘24’ series subwoofers build upon the documented reliability and sound-quality performance of the remarkable “GTS” series, in providing true, high-excursion, in micro enclosure applications, effectively delivering on the promise of the “Isobarik” compound, dual subwoofer design, however the Evo achieves this in a single, low-profile, cast-frame driver.

Features include:

  • Low-profile, custom powder-coated, SLX cast-alloy frame
  • Exclusive, CNC machined, “SMG” extended-gap motor
  • Class-leading power-handling and excursion envelope
  • No axial motor-vent provides minimal enclosure depth
  • Premium “CLS” Kevlar composite laminated sandwich cone
  • Shallow mounting depth of 3.95” for 2410 and 3.65” for 2408

Rated at 500 watts RMS, the Evo 2410 delivers 16.1 mm of one-way linear Xmax, making it the longest excursion shallow subwoofer available. This performance combination of high-power and long excursion, while being optimized for enclosures as small as .40 cubic foot, gives it an unprecedented performance envelope.


The proprietary SMG motor includes a unique thermal-transfer path, which routes hot air away from the motor, thru passages, that allow the heated air to be dissipated by the cast aluminum frame, further provides additional convection cooling, in addition to the huge conduction heatsink provided by the motor and extended gap-plate

The high-performance suspension features a 25 mm premium SBR rubber surround, 8” flat-spyder, with ‘in-line’ lead wires, to allow over 2-inches of peak to peak excursion provided by the unique motor. This powerful, compact motor design, featuring large diameter 145 mm magnet and a precision CNC-machined, extended ‘gap-plate’ and motor, delivers a superior, symmetrical magnetic field, for reduced distortion and results in a driver without equal for sound-quality in micro-box applications.

The MSRP on the Evo 2410 and Evo 2408 is $350 and $250 respectively. Orders are now being accepted for both models.

Retailers who are interested in learning more about this opportunity are welcome to contact Audiomobile at (310) 941-2171 to schedule a meeting during Knowledgefest in Dallas August 14 – 16th.

To learn more about the Evo 24 Series, click here. Visit for more.