Proactive 12Volt Retailers Are Instagrammin’

Click above to view this video on instagram.com/12voltnews

Click above to view this video on instagram.com/12voltnews

SHREVEPORT, LA (08.01.2015) – Many proactive 12volt retailers across the U.S., and around the globe, are utilizing the power of Instagram to engage and connect with followers plus consumers.

The vast majority of people utilizing social media don’t want to be “sold to.” The 3 examples in this 12voltBite deliver an exciting message to their followers and consumers. Each post features content the respective company’s social media followers will find very interesting.

NVS Audio, Linden NJ, does a great job of posting images of installations. This screen image on a Dodge Ram installation will certainly get the attention of Ram enthusiasts. Congratulations to NVS Audio as the company topped 8,000 followers on Instagram. [See @nvs_audio]

901 Sounds, Memphis TN, consistently posts images of hot rides in front of their store. The rides get the attention of followers and keep the store name in the background. 901 Sounds boasts over 11,000 followers on Instagram. [See @901sounds]

Underground Auto, Sarasota FL, regularly posts images of primo vehicle “makeovers.” Check out this Jeep Wrangler staged on the beach. Congrats to Jack – his company just passed 10,000 followers on Instagram. [See @undergroundauto]

Click above to view the 12VoltBite featuring these 3 posts

Click above to view the 12VoltBite featuring these 3 posts

“Our goal is to encourage all across the 12volt industry to utilize this incredibly powerful social media tool to increase their company’s visibility in the marketplace. Instagram is a free app. Using only a smartphone or tablet, images and comments, can be shared with followers in less than a minute. Images posted to Instagram can automatically post to Facebook and Twitter. Dealers who post images of primo installations, new products, new displays and events are connecting with followers and consumers. Utilizing the power of Instagram could definitely lead to visibility, store traffic and a good shot at writing business for 12volt retailers,” commented Mike Van Horn.

clarion-summer-promo-sqPresently Clarion, Pioneer, Kenwood and SiriusXM are offering very exciting consumer rebate programs. Proactive retailers can utilize these rebate program to create interest from followers and consumers. This 12voltBite, featuring Clarion’s rebate, is formatted for 12volt retailers to post to their Instagram and social outreach.

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