19th Annual Sanford Sound Bikini Car Wash Shined

Click above to view on instagram.com/12voltnews

Click above to view on instagram.com/12voltnews

SANFORD, ME (07.31.2015) – The skies cleared early Sunday morning for the 19th Annual Bikini Car Wash.

Jack Bogard, Sanford Sound owner, commented, “It was a bit dicey early but the weather had cleared by mid-morning and it was bright and sunny the rest of the day.”

In addition to the Bikini Car Wash there was a Show and Shine event plus NE SPL competition.

sanford-carwash-2015_water-wideLocal models grabbed soap and hoses to knock mud from a steady stream of vehicles. A highlight of the car was was a Lambo that rolled in the the car wash lane. “We knew there was an area rally of Lamborghini owners. When this $250,000 car, with a multi-color mirror wrap, drove up everyone’s jaw dropped. The models did their job on the car and got a $100 tip,” Bogard related.

sanford-carwash-2015_car-group-wideBoth the Show and Shine and NE SPL event drew over 50 entires and there was a very large stack of acrylic trophies that was handed out to competitors.

logo-250_sanford-sound“Our event has developed over the years and caters to the local area. We had great support from local businesses and made up goodie bags for the competitors that were filled with coupons, gift certificates and other items. Rockford Fosgate, Kenwood, HushMat and LEDGlow were also very supportive of our 2015 event. Visibility generated for our products and brand will carry forward for several months,” Bogard concluded.

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