Marketing Professionals Elevates with MECP

(LtoR) Robert Scheinderich, Nick Williams-owner, Blake Mize and James Davidson. David Cruz is pictured kneeling in front of the MECP banner.

Mobile Sound Systems in Arlington, TX is strong on MECP. (L to R) Robert Scheinderich, Nick Williams-owner, Blake Mize & James Davidson. David Cruz is pictured kneeling in front.

CONROE, TX (07.08.2015) – Marketing Professionals is working with 12volt retailers throughout the rep firm’s territory to heighten the awareness for MECP certification. Pete Daley, company president, is spearheading campaign across the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Daley noted, “We noticed a need for 12volt retailers to elevate their games. The 12volt marketplace continues to evolve. Those companies that excel in professionalism across the board will be successful in their markets. Supporting CEA’s MECP program was a natural. Our vendors AAMP of America and Focal were quick to lend their support to the program we proposed at Marketing Pros.”

Pete Daley

Pete Daley

Marketing Pros field staff promote the MECP initiative one store at a time as they travel the territory. Jim Wehling, Mike Penny and Kevin Knox are on the road – in addition to Daley. Rep firm founder George Reed supports the effort during sales calls in the Houston market and from the company office.

Mobile Sound Systems, Arlington TX, has enthusiastically joined the MECP certification initiative with Daley and Marketing Pros.

Mobile Sound System’s owner Nick Williams related to 12voltnews.com, “We made the commitment to have our entire staff, installation and sales, become MECP certified about 3 months ago. We arranged to get, and funded, the necessary study tools from AAMP and Pete Daley just proctored a MECP test at our location. We feel a well educated staff will set us apart from the competition. In the long run that will be a win for all parties….our customers, vendors and all of us at Mobile Sound Systems.

logo_mobile-sound-systemsWilliams began working at Mobile Sound Systems as a high school student and ultimately purchased the business in 2005. “We weathered the downturn in 2008 and 2009. Since 2010 we have seen great growth each year. We feel as we keep improving, like our MESA membership and commitment to MECP, we will see continuing growth well into the future.”

logo-sm_marketing-prosDaley added, “Working with Nick is terrific. When I visit the store I see the evidence they are all working to elevate their game. There is a 55” monitor that always has a concert playing and it sounds great playing through the sound board. Customers immediately know they are in the right place. We are seeing more stores in the territory elevate their games as well. That will be a win for the 12volt industry across the board.

For more info, visit mecp.com, marketingprosinc.com and mobilesoundsystems.com.