Big Daddy’s Stereo Grand Opening in Longview


A rendering of the new Big Daddy’s Stereo in Longview.

LONGVIEW, TX (07.03.2015) – Big Daddy’s Stereo celebrated the company’s new location with a Grand Opening event on Saturday, June 27th.

The new 10,000 square foot ground-up facility is absolutely cutting edge in terms of layout and functionality. With 5,000 square feet devoted to retail showroom and 5,000 devoted to installation and warehouse there is a great deal of flexibility. The showroom floor is treated concrete and easy access is provided to display multiple vehicles in the showroom.


This interior view was captured with a drone camera by Syfria Aerial Productions. See the full video at the bottom of this story.

Robbie Owens commented to 12voltnews.com, “We are truly proud of our new facility. My brother Rusty, along with our team, worked very hard to created a layout that will serve us well for many years into the future.”

Big Daddy’s Stereo has served the Longview and East Texas market since 1979 and this is the company’s 4th location.

Big Daddy’s promoted the Grand Opening in the local newspaper and had 2 radio remotes in addition to social media. An attractive poster was created and placed in area businesses too. Three live bands and BBQ greeted the large consumer turnout.

Focal products are highlighted on this showroom  display image provided by Kevin Knox of Marketing Professionals.

Focal products are highlighted on this showroom display image provided by Kevin Knox of Marketing Professionals.

The industry turnout of manufacturer reps for the Grand Opening was very strong. Marketing Professionals’ George Reed, with is loaded Dodge Ram, was onsite. Reed commented, “The new Big Daddy’s Stereo facility is definitely one of the best I have seen in the U.S. They went to great lengths to show off 12volt products and vehicles in the showroom. Kevin Knox, who represents Marketing Professionals brands of Focal and AAMP of America to Big Daddy’s was on hand also.

Tom Comenole traveled from Florida to represent the Metra brands at the event. Comenole related, “What a gorgeous store and great turnout. Everything was top notch. The team at Big Daddy’s put on a fantastic event for their customers.”

Mark Couch, Team Sales, was on hand with JL Audio. David Orr and David Boehmer traveled from Dallas to represent Kenwood and Sunbelt. Representatives from Alpine and T&W Sales were also in the house.

LEFT: Big Daddy's Stereo under construction - spring 2015. RIGHT: A year ago a sign went up on the property of the new Big Daddy's Stereo.

LEFT: Big Daddy’s Stereo under construction – spring 2015. (images via @bigdaddysstereo)
RIGHT: A year ago a sign went up on the property of the new Big Daddy’s Stereo.

Avidworx created the very attractive and functional displays that highlight product categories on the showroom floor.



Continuing, Owens commented, “During the Grand Opening event we gathered over 200 new email addresses from those who attended the event. We did not do any installs that day but took a number of deposits for jobs.”

To capture the event a local company, certified for drone activity, was on site. Much to the amazement of many in the crowd the drone crisscrossed over the event to capture video of the Grand Opening.

Concluding, Owens commented, “The turnout from local folks was terrific. The amount of industry participation was so amazing. We can not thank all enough for their support.”

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