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JL Audio Now Shipping TW1 Thin-Line Subwoofers in 2-Ohm Versions


12TW1-2 (Click image to visit product page)

MIRAMAR, FL (05.18.2015) – JL Audio, known for producing some of the finest audio systems in the mobile, marine, and home audio markets, has announced the availability of 2-ohm versions of the 10TW1 and 12TW1 car audio subwoofers.

The TW1 subwoofer drivers offer a powerful combination of shallow mounting depth, minimal frontal clearance and extremely small enclosure requirements, making them an outstanding choice for tight-space, moderate power applications.

10TW1-2 (Click image to visit product page)

10TW1-2 (Click image to visit product page)

JL Audio’s Patented Concentric Tube suspension technology delivers outstanding excursion capability to extract maximum performance potential.

With the addition of the TW1-2’s to the family, amplifiers optimized for a 2-ohm impedance can now be used to their full potential.

Carl Kennedy, V.P. of Sales for JL Audio stated, “This is big news for our JX and XDv2 lines, since matching these unregulated amplifiers to a 2-ohm TW1 will result in the extraction of maximum power and performance—a match made in JL Audio heaven.”

logo_jl-audio-lgSuggested Retail Pricing:
10TW1-2, USD $249.99
10-inch thin-line subwoofer (300W, 2ohm)

12TW1-2, USD $299.99
12-inch thin-line subwoofer (300W, 2 ohm)

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