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KICKER CompQ Subwoofers and L7 Loaded Enclosures Now Shipping

CompQ 12" (Click image to visit product page)

CompQ 12″ (Click image to visit product page)

STILLWATER, OK (04.30.2015) – KICKER’s second wave of 2015 Q-Class gear unveiled at International CES, which includes the preeminent CompQ Subwoofer and factory-tuned L7 Loaded Enclosures, has begun shipping to domestic authorized dealers.

The CompQ, a distinguished bass driver that retains a traditional round shape unlike the unorthodox square L7 Subwoofer, brings a payload of unequalled engineering and expertise from an industry leader of more than 40 years. It supplies all of the power and performance expected from KICKER’s supreme round-shaped woofer.

logo_kicker-k-465“The CompQ is the pinnacle of our round woofer designs, producing unsurpassed sound quality and performance,” said Steve Irby, KICKER President and co-founder.

Continuing to increase power handling and voice-coil excursion while improving on the cooling properties and overall durability, the CompQ Subwoofer certainly produces on every level. It gives the listener everything on the wish list, including high-caliber bass for whatever the music genre, huge voice coils for tremendous power handling and prodigious magnets for high SPL.

L7 Loaded Enclosures deliver on ready-to-install, satisfyingly deep bass, resulting from a combination of industry-honored L7 Subwoofers and stoutly constructed enclosures. With all models vented for supreme output, L7 Loaded Enclosures represent the ultimate level in ready-made bass. Three styles are available for whatever the install challenge.

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