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KICKER Releases New Vehicle-Specific Solutions for 2015 Jeep Wrangler

kicker-vss-jeep-wrangler-2015STILLWATER, OK (04.21.2015) – Just in time for summer off-roading, KICKER Performance Audio is expanding its Vehicle-Specific Solutions (VSS) PowerStage upgrades to accommodate the 2015 Jeep Wrangler, including some models featuring a specialized 12-channel CAN-Bus amplifier to work with Jeep’s premium audio system and factory options. KICKER VSS offers an all-in-one solution for consumers who seek high-end sound created specifically for their vehicle, but installed quickly and unobtrusively with very little modification. Precisely tuned KICKER VSS upgrades for 2007-and-newer Wranglers, both 2-door and 4-door, are available for installation at Authorized KICKER Dealers nationwide and for purchase online at

Adventurous 2015 Wrangler owners will enjoy KICKER VSS wherever the road takes them. Every VSS PowerStage consists of a powered 10-inch subwoofer loaded in a made-to-fit molded enclosure, a multi-channel amplifier to push existing factory speakers, hardware and a wiring kit. It collectively mounts in a definitive factory location and gives the listener immediate satisfaction with a factory look, intensified sound and cargo space intact. With a true plug-and-play experience, VSS also works seamlessly with the vehicle’s factory radio and comes standard with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

The 2015 Wrangler is available with a base audio system or an option of a premium audio system, so the equipment in the KICKER VSS PowerStage upgrade varies as needed. In Wrangler models with base systems, VSS PowerStage utilizes a full-range, multi-channel amplifier. In a Wrangler displaying a premium audio system, VSS PowerStage features a 12-channel, fully CAN-Bus-compliant amplifier (600 watts).

logo_kicker-new-yellowThe 12-channel, “smart-system” amplifier for the Wrangler with premium audio links to the vehicle’s CAN-Bus and powers the entire factory system, drastically improving the staging, imaging and overall sound. Complete with digital signal processing (DSP), it auto-reconfigures the system’s equalization depending upon the listening environment, whether a hard top is in use for a closed-up sealed cab, or it is removed for open-air acoustics that include wind and road noise. The amplifier’s DSP also reconfigures to a larger-than-life, auto-surround-sound mode when a DVD is in use. The driver can choose selectable surround sound at any time as well.

Additionally, when the Wrangler requires ordinary servicing, the KICKER 12-Channel CAN-Bus Amplifier makes available full diagnostic reporting options to an automotive technician, unlike typical aftermarket processors.

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