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DAS Invests in Del Ellis Training to Enhance Dealer Success Through Exceptional Customer Relations


Ellis conducting a session in the conference room at DAS HQ in Palmyra, PA.

PALMYRA, PA (12.08.2014) – DAS Distributors recently hosted renowned professional sales trainer and strategist Del Ellis at its facility in Palmyra to share his passion for helping clients optimize their sales and communications skills.

Ellis has trained three out of the four Retailers of the Year (2013) and has worked with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies.

“I have mastered the ability to find out exactly what somebody wants and bring them to the logical conclusion of buying it without force or pressure,” Ellis explained. He emphasizes methods that get customers mentally and emotionally involved so that they back up their purchase decisions logically.

Del Ellis

Del Ellis

For two days, all DAS inside sales team members and outside sales specialists had the opportunity to attend “Serious Business” sessions to learn about his highly successful consultative sales approaches and to gain valuable insight on his “Selling is not Telling; It’s Asking” strategies.

Representatives from Hushmat and NAV-TV also offered vendor-sponsored training on site.

“Offering these sessions is our way of investing in our customers’ businesses,” stated Rex Berfield, National Sales Manager at DAS Companies, Inc. “It’s our way of improving customer service by training our salespeople on techniques that can be used directly on the retail sales floor, which will improve our dealers’ bottom line.”

“DAS wants to see their people and dealers do well,” Ellis added. “They recognize their value.”

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