12 Volt Retailers Share Small Business Saturday 12VoltBite

sbs_post-stats-cndnsdSHREVEPORT, LA (12.2.2014) – Small Business Saturday was Saturday, November 29th. Small Business Saturday, championed by American Express, fell between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The Small Business Saturday initiative encouraged consumers to support their local merchants.

12voltnews.com created a 12voltBite for retailers to utilize through their social media channels – thus delivering the “Small Business Saturday” message to followers and consumers. When posting the 12voltBite to social media retailers included their company’s contact information and message. The generic Small Business Saturday 12voltBite was thus customized for that specific retailer.

“The Small Business Saturday initiative is growing year over year. That said, we all know how difficult it is for any message to resonate during Black Friday mania.”

“It as very encouraging to see nearly 3,500 ‘people reached’ on the 12voltnews Facebook and that 15 companies shared the generic 12voltBite through their social media channels. It proved the concept worked.”

-Mike Van Horn, 12VoltNews

Marshall Woolford, MARS Audio – Orlando FL related “I think the Small Business Saturday 12voltBite concept has a lot of merit. It gave my company a cool message to put in front of our followers on social media.”

“Thanks Mike for the Small Business Saturday 12voltBite. Having new content for our social media outreach was a real plus”

-Jay Williamson, Diamond C Audio – Gretna, LA

Other 12volt retailers utilizing the Small Business Saturday 12voltBite included Al&Ed’s – Marina Del Ray, CA, Quality AutoSound – Garland, TX and 21st Century Sound and Security – Pittsburgh, PA.

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