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iSimple Introduces the New CallCassette Plug-and-Play Car Kit

prod_isimple-cassette-tape-nov14CLEARWATER, FL (11.10.2014) – iSimple introduced the CallCassette (ISMJ38) as part of its plug-and-play hands-free and streaming audio line. Designed as a technologically simple solution to a high-tech issue, the CallCassette offers hands-free calling and high quality music from the connected device via any cassette-equipped car stereo head unit and helps make driving safer by reducing distractions.

MSRP for the CallCassette is $19.95.

Features & Benefits

  • Connects to phone via headphone jack
  • Connects to car stereo via any OEM or aftermarket cassette player
  • Integrated multifunction button (Play/Pause, skip tracks, launch voice recognition app)
  • Windproof microphone for hands-free calling
  • Access features without unlocking the phone
  • High quality audio playback from music library or streaming services

prod_isimple-cassette-package-nov14The CallCassette is part of a growing line of plug-and-play automotive accessories for smartphones and tablets available from iSimple. According to Scott Rothstein, Senior Product Manager for iSimple, “The CallCassette was inspired by a visit to a classic car show. While showing another iSimple product, I was asked several times for a cool solution that lets them enjoy premium hands-free calling without having to replace the original radio. After all, for most people, a smartphone is more than a tool or a gadget, it’s a main feature in their lives.”

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