Connect with Followers and Consumers This Holiday Season



SHREVEPORT, LA (11.2.2014) – The last two months of 2014 will be busy times for all across the 12volt industry. November arrived on the 1st with a cold snap and snow in some parts of the northern tier of states. The 2014 SEMA Show runs from November 4th-7th. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Holiday Season combine to make the each day a mad dash until December 31st.

12voltBites, from 12voltnews.com, can be valuable marketing tools as 12volt retailers wrap up 2014 . Custom 12voltBites can deliver a retailer’s message to social media followers and consumers. 12voltBites can also be placed on websites and included in other digital campaigns.

Remote starter focused 12voltBites can highlight specific brands along with store specials and information. See #remotestarter_12vnn to see a number of remote starter focused 12voltBites.

Click the 12VoltBites below to play them on this page.

For Black Friday and Holiday Savings promotions there are themed 12voltBites. The Black Friday themed 12voltBite includes a stand alone Happy Thanksgiving 12voltBite. The Holiday Savings 12voltBite includes a stand alone Happy Holidays 12voltBite.

Major online sellers and big box stores, along with UPS and FedEx, are ramping up for the Holiday Season. Amazon plans to hire 80,000 seasonal workers with UPS to add 95,000. Walmart is already touting Black Friday specials and increasing online sales activities. A FedEx delivery person told 12voltnews.com, “The company has already told us it’s going to be ugly”.

With online sales activity continuing to grow, it’s more important than ever independent 12volt retailers keep their names in front of consumers and sell the in-store experience and expertise.

Independent 12volt retailers can not win the online price battle. Put your company and message in front of followers and consumers with a 12voltBite.

A 12voltBite is a high energy 15-second segment that combines an audio script with several still images that transition to follow the audio. Essentially, a 12voltBite can be a “commercial” 12volt industry members can utilize to deliver via their social media and other digital channels-websites and email campaigns. Though there is a charge for a 12voltBite, the users “air time” is free.

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