MECA Recognizes Industry Partners

logo-250_meca-caraudioGOODLETTSVILLE, TN (10.30.2014) – The Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA), car audio club, sound-off organization, and trade association for the 12-Volt Industry, recognized and thanked outstanding Members at the 2014 World Finals Soundfest, held in Nashville, TN at the Car Audio Championship, on October 19th.

Custom Audio uses fliers like this to promote MECA events. (Click to enlarge)

Custom Audio uses fliers like this to promote MECA events. (Click to enlarge)

Custom Audio in Erie, PA was voted by the membership to be the 2014 Retail Member of the Year. Owner Sondralee Orengia has been hosting great MECA events for several years at the store, and ended the season with the PA Soundfest – State Finals. Custom Audio is one of over 100 brick and mortar mobile electronics specialist/storefronts in the USA that participate in MECA programs for brand and business building.

Ray Rayfield’s Linear Power earned Manufacturer of the Year for being a very active event sponsor and SQL team. Linear Power hosted events in Mississippi, and helped sponsor events in other states, as well as sponsoring the Sound Quality League awards at the 2014 Finals.

XS Power Batteries was recognized for outstanding work with Retailers and Competitors with the 12-Volt Industry Award. XS Power PresidentScottie Johnson has been a long time MECA Member and supporter and Team XS Power was listed on over 20% of the 2014 SPL World Champions credentials.

Click to visit caraudiochampionship.com

Click to visit caraudiochampionship.com

Sound Pressure League awards at the Finals were sponsored by several Manufacturer Members: BoomMat, CAS Designs, TermLab, Ohio Generator, Taramp’s, and XS Power Batteries.

Show & Shine awards were sponsored by BoomMat and Design Engineering, Inc.

P&E Distributors was named Distributor of the Year for on-going help with event promotion, and hosting a MECA event during their annual dealer show at the Expo Center in Hendersonville, TN.


Pressley, a big fan, in the 12voltnews.com studio with the MECA media award.

12voltnews.com earned Best Press Coverage for the great job it does to keep the industry in touch with MECA news.

Steve Cook, owner of Audio X in Florence, AL and 3 times winner of Culbertson Cup, for best sounding SQL system at Finals, was presented with the Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding participation and success in the club. Audio X has been hosting MECA events for several years at the store, including the AL Soundfest – State Finals.

For the list of all club awards, and SQL and SPL World Champions, and the latest MECA news, check out the home page at www.mecacaraudio.com and facebook.com/mecacaraudio