EXCLUSIVE… The Custom Sounds Texas HeatWave 2014 Capped 25 Amazing Years

bite-hw_purple-srtAUSTIN, TX (07.28.2014) – Congratulations to David MacDonald as the Custom Sounds Texas HeatWave turned 25 this year.

Saturday, Day 1 of the 2014 Custom Sounds Texas HeatWave event, drew a strong turnout to the massive grounds of the Travis County Expo Center on the northeast side of Austin. A wide variety of exhibitors and events, including the Custom Sounds Car Stereo Expo and Sale, were on the schedule. The Saturday night T.I. Concert capped day’s activities as the nationally known artist took the stage and turned up the volume to the max.

The Tattoo Expo and vehicles on display in the arena building drew a steady crowd to beat the late July temperatures that hit the mid-90′s. Car clubs and vehicles of all shapes and sizes filled the acres and acres of the event site. DB Drag Racing and USACi car audio competitions, bikini and hydraulics contests were big attractions for attendees.

Sunday’s 12voltBites: (Click the Play icon to view a video on this page)

Sunday, Day 2 of the event, was even hotter outside as spectators walked the midways and checked out a wide variety vendor booths. In the afternoon many were drawn to the burnout and monster truck exhibition on the far side of the event site. Spectators cheered as the monster trucks cleared rows of cars and and tires went up in smoke, literally, before finally popping.

“The 2014 Texas HeatWave was a a great event. The attendance was strong and it gave consumers a great opportunity to see the Focal, PPI and SoundStream brands we rep at Marketing Professionals,” Jim Wehling stated to 12voltnews.com.

Karl Giles, Eastern Regional for CV&DA Holdings, has recently added Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana to his territory for the Cerwin Vega, Diamond Audio and Cache brands. Giles commented to 12voltnews.com, “I made the trip to Austin to meet with Eagle Distributors, our Diamond Audio distributor in the territory, and spend time with Phil Hughes as SMS reps our line in the territory. Additionally, connecting with so many industry members was a wonderful added benefit. The trip was very productive and very glad I attended HeatWave.”

Patrick Brooks is the new Western Regional for PowerBass and attended the Texas HeatWave on the front end of a major sales trip through the midwest. “So glad I attended HeatWave. Got to spend time with our distributor, Eagle and Tony Huynh. Johnny Alvarado, Precision Sales, put together a great Hummer demo vehicle and consumers were excited to know more about the PowerBass line.”

LEFT: The Custom Sounds Car Stereo Expo and Sale drew a strong crowd throughout the day. (Photo via Daigle images) RIGHT: Eagle's Tony Huynh pictured in the PowerBass booth along the midway.

LEFT: The Custom Sounds Car Stereo Expo and Sale drew a strong crowd throughout the day. (Photo via Daigle images)
RIGHT: Eagle’s Tony Huynh pictured in the PowerBass booth along the midway.

12voltnews.com coverage of the event included ten 12voltBite posts during the Texas HeatWave to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

A big 12voltnews.com thanks to several who sent images and info this way including Kat Johnson-Custom Sounds, Karl Giles, Jim Wehling, Kent Daigle-WetSounds, David Toliver-David Lee Marketing, Patrick Brooks and Tony Huynh with Eagle Distributors.

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