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VOXX Telematics Group Takes Car Connection Pro to 12 Volt Dealers Nationwide

voxx-phone-hand-telematicsHAUPPAUGE, NY (07.09.2014) – VOXX Electronics Corp (VEC) announced the expanded distribution of Car Connection to Authorized 12V Dealers and Expeditors nationwide. Car Connection Pro builds on the safety and convenience features of the company’s Car Connection device and allows you to control your vehicle through a smartphone application. The Pro version requires professional installation when combined with a security and/or remote start modules that must be purchased separately. This bundle will give consumers a fully integrated system.

“We continually add new technologies that improve driver safety and convenience features that provide our dealers the ability to satisfy their customers’ needs for advanced Smartphone solutions. No question that the connected car is the driving force for innovation in the aftermarket business bringing exciting products to market,” said Tom Malone, President of VOXX Electronics Corporation. “With Car Connection Pro, the consumer can control his remote start through a smartphone app from virtually anywhere in the world in addition to having the tools to monitor, protect and maintain vehicle health and driver performance. We expect Car Connection Pro to continue to boost sales during Remote Start season as this product when combined with most popular remote start systems will provide our dealer partners with additional profit opportunities both on product and installs.”

logo-250_audiovox-voxx-ccpro-car-connectionCar Connection Pro is equipped with multiple convenience and safety features, notifications if a vehicle is speeding, stolen, broken into, towed or crashed; and alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a specific zone or the device is removed. The device’s Lot Spot feature automatically remembers a vehicle’s location and provides walking navigation maps back to it in a crowded parking lot or unfamiliar area. Car Connection Pro can also be used to restrict cell phone use in a vehicle when used with Android, Blackberry and iPhone compatible devices.

Tom Malone - Audiovox President

Tom Malone – Audiovox President

In addition to safety and convenience, the Car Connection PRO device may be able to save users money by providing driver scoring with Usage Based Insurance programs for potential discounts with participating insurance carries. It will also provide real-time fuel consumption data based on driving habits as well as vehicle health diagnostics, maintenance reminders and alerts.

Malone concluded, “Our focus on development of products like this reinforces our commitment to help our dealer partners increase productivity and benefit from the higher profits those programs provide.”

Car Connection Pro is currently available at select Audiovox Authorized 12V Dealers for an MSRP of $169.99, plus a monthly service fee of $9.95.
*Additional costs for remote start/security systems and installation.

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