A 12voltBite is a Valuable Business Tool

Click the image above to visit instagram.com/12voltnews

Click the image above to visit instagram.com/12voltnews

SHREVEPORT, LA (07.07.2014) – Social media is changing the way individuals communicate and the way businesses connect with consumers.

A 12voltBite, created in the 12volt Central Studio, is a valuable tool to be utilized by businesses to deliver their respective messages to followers and consumers. A 12voltBite,15 seconds in length, combines still images that transition to follow an audio script. The 12voltBite posts to Instagram and other social media channels.

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12v-bite-logo-250The 12voltBite product, showcased in this “demo reel”, can be accessed on a mobile device on Instagram #top12voltbite.

This demo reel is comprised of a number of 12voltBites that demonstrate many possibilities – including Holiday wishes, event promotion, new product introduction, retailer outreach, call-in interview, event coverage, product demonstration and the 12voltnews.com “Reps on the Road” series. It’s key to note that these 12voltBite examples were produced with a minimal amount of effort from outside the 12volt Central Studio. A standard press release, images and a phone call is about all that was required.

See nearly 1,700 12voltBite examples from @12voltnews by visiting www.instagram.com/12voltnews

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