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Audiovox Makes Taking Tablets on the Road Simple and Affordable

IPDUNV (Click image to view product page)

IPDUNV (Click image to view product page)

HAUPPAUGE, NY (07.03.2014) – VOXX Electronics Corp (VEC) is now shipping a new solution in vehicle entertainment. It is a universal tablet docking system that allows consumers to provide safe and secure rear seat entertainment from a portable tablet. The mount works with most Android and iOS based tablets.

“We recognize that not every consumer is a candidate for an installed rear seat entertainment system and that many people choose to use their portable tablet to provide video and games to the back seat,” said Tom Malone, president of VOXX Electronics Corp. “This new system not only allows the consumer to use that tablet but also makes it as safe and secure by securely locking your tablet into position on any vehicle headrest with posts.”

Tom Malone - Audiovox President

Tom Malone – Audiovox President

The universal tablet mount comes equipped with an adjustable clamp mechanism that locks your tablet into position, and then attaches to a universal low profile seatback docking station through the Audiovox Quick Connect attachment system. It can be taken in and out of the vehicle quickly for maximum convenience.

The bracket can be adjusted to obtain optimum viewing angles and the tablet dock has 6 adjustable depth settings based upon the size of the vehicles headrest for custom fitment. The tablet dock offers 2 built-in USB ports so that the tablet can charge while connected in addition to 2 audio inputs that feed the built in 100 channel FM transmitter, and dual channel IR headphone transmitter.

logo_audiovox-sqModel IPDUNV comes equipped with the Universal tablet dock with built in FM, IR, USB charging, Audio inputs, Power cable, and Audio cable. Model IPDUNVBT offers all the same features except for an IR headphone transmitter since this model comes with rechargeable Bluetooth headphones.
The IPDUNV and IPDUNVBT are both now shipping into retail distribution at an MSRP of $99.99 and $149.99 respectively.

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