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The 12volt Central Studio Creates Content for the Social Media Driven World

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SHREVEPORT, LA (06.16.2014) – The 12volt Central Studio provides a vehicle for industry members to develop unique marketing content for today’s social media driven world.

With in-house photo studio and high end audio recording studio talented 12volt Central Studio staff members create unique content for specific applications – manufacturer to industry, rep to dealer, distributor to area dealers and retailers to consumers.

The 12volt Central Studio can deliver content to the marketplace in a very timely manner. These 12voltBite posts, featuring the Avenue Sound “Battle of the Boom” and Tent Sale, were produced and posted the days of the event – Saturday June 14th and 15th. These timely posts could in fact generate traffic for the in-progress event.

Click a “play” icon below to view a 12VoltBite video on this page.

Smartphones and other mobile devices, that drive social media, have changed the communication landscape dramatically. To connect with industry members, customers and consumers companies across the 12volt industry must embrace new methods to deliver their respective messages.

A recent series of three 12voltBite Instagram posts for new DD Audio product introductions resulted in over 40,000 views on the 12voltnews FaceBook page. Including that content on and the 12voltBeat, plus Twitter, expanded visibility for those three product introductions to an even greater level.

The 12voltBite below showcased the new Taylor Marketing Lightning Audio demo van to drive sales in SoCal.

A 12voltBite, created in the 12volt Central Studio, combines images and audio in a fast paced 15 second segment. A 12voltBite post to Instagram also populates Facebook, Twitter and other social media. A 12voltBite also has applications for other digital media as websites and emails.

A 12voltBite functions as a video. A quick tap on the mobile device screen will pause the 12voltBite play – a subsequent tap restarts the 12voltBite.

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