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CRUX Shipping Video Interface for Dodge Durango 2014-15


RVCCH-75C: Click image for product features, images, compatibility, and manual.

RESEDA, CA (04.22.2014) – Crux Interfacing Solutions has recently enhanced it’s compatibility with late model Dodge Durango vehicles 2014-Up within it’s latest line of Video Integration Interfaces. The CRUX RVCCH-75C is now functional with the new Durango in the same “plug & play” style that is usually espoused by the CRUX brand.


AVICH-03: Click image for product features, images, compatibility, and manual.

A similar addition for Durango to the AVICH-03 Module that enables iPhone video mirroring to the Uconnect Screen is being planned for release by the end of April. This unit is to feature a three-pronged composite cable for Audio, Video & Auxiliary connectivity to factory radios, with an HDMI cable included in the kit. With the rising number of new Applications becoming available in Smartphones, the interface adds an advantageous capability of “visual mirroring” of images from the iPhone and other connected gadgets to the factory radio display screen.

logo_cruxThe company has strived to maintain it’s ever-leading edge in the Video Integration sector by focusing on new research and it has plans to release more such solutions in the near future. As usual, Mike Beyersdoerfer of National Sales has a busy schedule with the ongoing Distributor show circuit and plans to introduce the company’s latest solution for Durango at the Vickers A/V Distributor show on April 26th.

These are two timely products for the 2014 Dodge Durango. We may be the first on the planet to release this application for both Rear View and A/V inputs. We have been getting requests during the Distributor shows and in Japan for this exact need. The master minds in Reseda responded and made it happen FAST.

-Mike Beyersdoerfer

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