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VOXX Electronics Launches Time Saving Weblink Mobile FlashLogic Programmer

prod_voxx-flashlogicHAUPPAUGE, NY (04.18.2014) – VOXX Electronics Corp (VEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation today announced its newest addition to the FlashLogic program, the FlashLogic Weblink Mobile programmer (FLWLMAP1) for iPod, iPad and iPhone programming. This Weblink Mobile cable accessory gives installers the ability to “flash” your FlashLogic interface modules and Data Start systems with an iPod, iPad, or iPhone without needing to be tied to the install bench or computer, saving valuable installation time. Weblink Mobile is compatible with all FlashLogic Data Start systems, the FLCAN, FLTB1 and FLDL1 produced after September 2013.

Tom Malone, president, VOXX Electronics Corporation, said “Our focus has always been on developing cutting edge products that also help our retail partners increase profits. These new flash programmers increase productivity, save on installation costs and deliver on that promise.” Malone continued, “The Flashlogic program continues to provide dealers with greatly reduced install times and lower inventory SKUs.”

logo_flash-logic-voxxFlashlogic brings total flexibility to a dealer’s inventory as it allows a dealer to download the appropriate software to make it applicable to a wide range of vehicles without requiring vehicle specific SKUs. Simply by uploading the WEBLINK 5 updater from you are ready to go…. no additional cost…no additional inventory.

The FLWLMAP1 is available now at Prestige, Pursuit, and Code Alarm Authorized Dealers. The App for Weblink Mobile is also available for Free in the Apple Store.

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