AAMP of America Hosts 2014 National Sales Meeting

AAMP of America hosted 25 outside sales reps at the company's Clearwater FL HQ during the first week of March.

AAMP of America hosted 25 outside sales reps at the company’s Clearwater FL HQ during the first week of March.

CLEARWATER, FL (03.10.2014) – This past week, AAMP of America – a leader in car audio, OEM integration and mobile electronics accessories – hosted 25 outside sales and distribution reps from around the country for its 2014 National Sales Meeting. Held at the AAMP of America headquarters, the meeting was an opportunity to lay out a new vision for sales efforts in 2014 and beyond, as well as showcase for the newest and most exciting product offerings from Phoenix Gold, Stinger, iSimple, PAC, INTRAPHEX, American International and other AAMP of America brands.

logo_aamp-americaThe primary purpose of the meeting was to educate and inform the outside sales reps about an improved and streamlined internal structure at AAMP of America. Everything from corporate leadership, product development and marketing, to training, customer service and technical support has been augmented and/or improved over the last year. The outside sales reps were introduced to new personnel, as well as trained on processes and procedures designed to make it easier and more effective to sell AAMP of America products throughout the 12-volt channel.

pac-logoThe other focus of the meeting was to present the many exciting new technologies the company is developing or has recently introduced. Highlights included the Phoenix Gold SX-Series of compact, high-performance amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers; an upcoming Stinger super-premium product line; the ControlPRO line of smartphone programmable SWC interfaces and the RadioPRO series of radio replacement kits from PAC; a variety of Bluetooth kits for smartphone integration from iSimple , and several new navigation and back-up camera solutions from INTRAPHEX. Additionally, sales and marketing strategies for cross-selling AAMP of America brands (ex: American International dash kits sold in conjunction with PAC radio replacement modules) were brainstormed.

Marketing Professionals Pete Daley commented to 12voltnews.com, “The meeting at AAMP’s facility was terrific and it was a great follow up from CES. In-depth product sessions and much sharing of in the field experiences. Jim Wehling and Kevin Knox were also in attendance from our company.”

logo_intraphexAccording to AAMP of America Vice President of Sales, Herb Brown, “In my personal and professional opinion, the 2014 National Sales meeting was a complete success. We had 25 outside sales reps from across the country in attendance, all of whom showed up with a great thirst for learning about our products and latest selling strategies. We covered a lot of information during the two-day event, but there was a great deal of positive enthusiasm on the part of the attendees and the trainers, and that kept things lively and interactive. Based on the response of those who attended, we will definitely work towards making this an annual event.”

logo_phoenix-gold_aampWhile a bulk of the training was conducted by Jeff Smith, the new Corporate Trainer for AAMP of America, attendees were addressed by AAMP of America President and CEO Ron Freeman and Senior VP for Sales Scott Forst, as well as Ken Wiseman of Phoenix Gold, Scott Rothstein of iSimple and Brad Chapple of INTRAPHEX.

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