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ShoutOut – Proactive Retailers Utilizing Instagram



SHREVEPORT LA (12.23.2013) – Many proactive 12volt retailers around the globe are utilizing the power of Instagram to engage and connect with followers and consumers.

Click the images in this story to play these ShoutOuts has developed a ShoutOut series, utilizing Instagram, to recognize and highlight retailers with especially striking presentations on Instagram.

“Our goal is to encourage 12volt retailers to utilize this incredibly powerful tool to increase their visibility in the marketplace. Instagram is a free app. Using only a smartphone or tablet Images, and comments, can be shared with followers in less than a minute. Images posted to Instagram can automatically post to Facebook and Twitter. Dealers who post images of primo installations, new products, new displays and events are connecting with followers and consumers. As a New Year’s resolution let’s resolve to utilize the power of Instagram,” Mike Van Horn.



A few statements from 12volt retailers actively utilizing Instagram.

“In less than a year we have over 4000 followers on Instagram. It’s a way for us to show great installations and our ever changing showroom floor. It’s so easy to make posts and it drives visibility for our store,” Chad Dearth stated. KC Trends, Overland Park, KS (@kctrends).

“The big Cutlass job we just completed for a customer in Miami came directly from our shops visibility on Instagram,” Shawn Arnold said. Ultimate Audio, Lexington, SC (@ultimateaudiosc).

“Our posts on Instagram show the creativity and workmanship we have at our shop,” David Hur and Mark Duche commented. DJ Autosound, Greenwich, CT (@mxcaraudio).



“We do a lot of custom work on ‘old school’ vehicles. Our Instagram posts let owners of those vehicles see the quality of our work,” Chad Geary states. OB Audio, Ontario, CA (@ob_audio).

“Posting images on Instagram is fast and easy. Posts get tagged which raises awareness for our store,” Carlos Ramirez offered. NVS Audio, Linden, NJ (@nvs_audio).

“We just passed 1000 posts on Instagram. Thanks so much for the positive comments,” Mike Van Horn (@12voltnews).

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