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Insulate for Noise and Heat with Boom Mat’s Thermal & Acoustic Interior Kit

prod_boom-mat-insulationAVON LAKE, OH (11.21.2013) – Now there is a way to keep your vehicle quiet and cool with one easy to use kit that has everything you need to improve vibration noise and reduce heat transfer in small to medium sized vehicles. Boom Mat™, the leader in thermal acoustic control, introduces the Boom Mat Thermal & Acoustic Interior Kit. This recently introduced kit includes 27 sq. ft. of Under Carpet Lite that blocks 85% of heat from a vehicle’s engine, transmission or exhaust, 25 sq. ft. of Boom Mat damping material, developed to reduce structure-borne vibration, squeaks and rattles, and one 18 oz. can of Boom Mat Spray-On.

logo-boom-mat-thermal-insulationDeveloped to work together for maximum performance, this kit provides a quick and simple way to reduce noise and heat in any interior area of the vehicle from floors, firewalls and rear quarters. Boom Mat’s damping material also can be used on door skins to achieve a solid “thud” sound when closing the door. Boom Mat’s Spray-On makes it easy to reduce noise in those hard to reach areas such as a trunk interior, fender wells, or a vehicle’s undercarriage.

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