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Marketing Professionals’ Daley Works to Train

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CONROE, TX (11.20.2013) – There is an old saying “Nothing happens until something gets sold.” Pete Daley, Marketing Professionals territory sales manager, takes that to heart. A recent sales training session at Mobile Toys in College Station TX, on Wednesday evening November 13th, was one of many examples.

Daley related to, “Selling is considered to be a science by many. There are basics of selling that go far beyond basic product knowledge. The recent sales training session at Mobile Toys focused n selling basics and tips – not product. We had a nice powerpoint presentation. Following the session the staff members and I felt they were in a much better position to engage the customer, identify the need and direct the customer to the proper solution.”

marketing proffesionals logo“The session at Mobile Toys was all sales training, not product training. I follow the quote” Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. This reinforced by me doing 20-30 trainings a year(not including vendor trainings), I love creating the excitement of how we all got involved in this industry, questioning how do we get better at what we do, on the sales floor or in the install bay. My bug hit me in the mid 80s when I heard a vehicle called “bedrock” Terry Lackeys truck) cruising Cooper in Arlington, TX– it rattled my crack, I was hooked. We need to sell this type of enthusiasm to the next group of consumers, whether it’s connectivity, sound quality, or bass shaken!” Daley elaborated.

logo_mobile-toys“The sales training session Pete conducted was right in point. Our sales staff can now engage customers with a ‘sales roadmap in mind.’ The industry needs to focus more on sales trainings and not just product training,” Chris Pate commented for Mobile Toys-College Station.

Marketing Professionals principal George Reed commented to, “As a rep firm we work very closely with our dealer base. Our team in the field is dedicated to overall success. When our dealers win we all win. Pete’s time with the Mobile Toys crew is another example.”

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