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OMEGA’s “50-Series” xOS Eliminates Obsolete Inventory

logo_omegaDOUGLASVILLE, GA (10.18.2013) – Omega Research and Development Technologies, Inc., would like to alert the industry that every single one of their “50 Series” Excalibur Remote Start and Remote Start COMBO units are powered by their xOS operating system. This updateable operating platform allows for any of the Excalibur “50-series” units to have their operating system firmware updated via the web, ensuring a dealer’s inventory is never obsolete. In fact, Omega is the only security & remote start maker to take this step across its entire Remote-Start line-up.

“In this time of rapid technological evolution, it’s common for something that is out of our control to change, and all of sudden your inventory is obsolete. At Omega, we hate obsolescence, so we engineered every single 50-series Remote Start and Remote Start COMBO unit to be flashable. In other words, you can update the unit’s operating firmware. And we mean every single unit, from the entry RS150EDP+ and RS351EDP, all the way to our flagship AL2050EDPB. Why, because we think our entry unit is just as important a part of your inventory investment as the ultra-high ended unit.”

-Shawn Cooper, Tech Support Manager for Omega

This is an advantage to a dealer because as a vehicle’s requirements change, Omega can post an updated operating system firmware FAST, and the dealer can easily update the unit, thus eliminating obsolescence.

omega-50-seriesIn addition to the above, every single Omega “50-Series” unit can have all its programmable features set using a PC or laptop, and soon via your Smartphone (so no more need to have Valet button presses and chirps, unless you like that sort of thing).

“Protect It – Start It – Control It – Track It – and Flash It”. Since 1970, Omega Research and Developmet Technologies, Inc. has been on the leading edge of innovation in the vehicle security industry. Omega’s product line-up features security and convenience offerings – plus accessories – to fit the needs of virtually any vehicle owner. A pioneer in the fields of databus integration and telematics, Omega’s new generation of products deliver the latest technology to customers worldwide.” Cooper concluded

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