IASCA Curacao Hosts Major Event in Willemstad


Moe Sabourin address the competitors and a portion of the crowd.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (09.05.2013) – Following the IASCA training in the island country back in June, IASCA Curacao had its first major event in August which was a huge success.

More than 5,000 spectators and over 50 competitors filled the venue over the course of the day on August 24th. Events included IASCA Bass Boxing, Tuner Jam and SPL Open Show competitions throughout the day. Event sponsors included all major car audio retailers and non endemic sponsors such as Meguiar’s, Valvoline, MCB (the country’s major banking institution), Chippie, the largest cell phone supplier in Curacao and Polar Inc., a Venezuelan brand which is the largest supplier of beer and soft drinks for the island. Also on hand was “Active 104.5 FM”, one of the island’s major radio stations, doing live feeds from the event on air through the day.


The turnout for this event exceeded 5,000.

“We couldn’t be happier at the turnout, from the event supporters to the spectators and competitors” said Jimmy Girigori Jr., Director of IASCA Curacao “We had anticipated a good turnout, but were conservative in our estimates, as this was the first big show of its kind on the island in over ten years. The turnout well exceeded our expectations.”

Girigori’s long term plans include a host of other local level events at retailers throughout the year, making this event the “Finals”, crowning the island’s Champions. “All the car audio dealers and non endemic sponsors have now seen the value of the IASCA marketing program and how it can benefit the economy here in our country. This event is the first step to building a new car audio culture here in Curacao that every industry on the island can benefit from.”


The scenic beauty and tranquil setting of Curacao is evident in this image.

A small island nation of 140,000, which is part of the Dutch Antilles, Curacao is a hotbed of activity with its main industry being oil, which it sells to other nations. The population is varied; many people are Dutch descendants, as well as Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. While small in population, Curacao is very big on the global market featuring tourism (it’s in the Caribbean) another strong industry.

“I was asked to come and officiate this inaugural event when I was there for the training seminar in June” said IASCA Director of Operations, Moe Sabourin “IASCA Curacao and its new IASCA Certified Judging Team put forth a concerted effort to make this show a success and their efforts were rewarded. The Bass Boxing and SPL Open Show events were a huge hit; more than 2,000 spectators gathered around the SPL lanes to cheer on their favorite cars and competitors. I haven’t experienced as much excitement since my time in Colombia at the annual IASCA Latinoamerica Finals”

A promotional video of the event has been made that is being aired online as well to help promote the event and the car audio culture. You can view the video at the following link http://youtu.be/nDAeJAQ538A or by clicking play below.

Click here to view many more photos on the IASCA Curacao Facebook page.

For more information on IASCA Worldwide and its affiliate countries, visit www.iasca.com or contact Moe Sabourin at moe@iasca.com.