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Audiovox Expands 12 Volt Independent Retailer Focus

Tom Malone addresses the press in this file photo

Tom Malone addresses the press in this file photo

HAUPPAUGE, NY (09.04.2013) – Audiovox Electronics Corporation (AEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp. (NASDAQ: VOXX), announced today that it has expanded its sales department to broaden the internal sales efforts dedicated to the 12 Volt Independent retailer. While the company boasts one of the most extensive distribution networks in the market today with a focus on every level of distribution, this new group will add strong product, installation and technical support right at the sales desk.

This new direction will give the 12 volt independent retailer a single source that can manage every aspect of their relationship with the company from sales to technical. A new dedicated independent specialist 12Volt sales team has been added to the NY headquarters operation for this initiative. In addition, the company’s Detroit and Cincinnati offices have elevated existing managers to increase focus on one-to-one customer support.

“The 12 Volt independent has always been a significant part of our distribution network,” said Tom Malone, President of Audiovox Electronics Corp. “And they require more than just good customer service to be successful. The complexity of today’s 12 Volt products demands strong product knowledge and an understanding of technical and installation issues. Helping our dealer partners manage these elements is key to strengthening those partnerships and growing both their and our business.”

Malone continued, “To staff the new team we have chosen pros who know the product, the programs and the industry.”


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In NY the team is headed by Roy Graca and Larry Nicastro. Roy and Larry are especially well suited for this assignment as they started their careers in 12 Volt independents before joining us. At Audiovox their primary focus has been on product, installation and tech support, which the company believes is the perfect background for these new positions that are designed to provide not only direct support but also the product knowledge so vital to dealer growth.

In Detroit and Cincinnati Kathy Anderson and Maureen Cropper’s responsibilities have been expanded to include a greater one-to-one role with our customers. This direct link will help our field sales managers and reps as they manage these strategic accounts. No strangers to customer support, these Audiovox veterans have been providing the Regional Sales managers as well as the accounts in their territories with help on everything from sales to warranty to marketing. Their deep understanding of the accounts in their respective markets will be a major asset in our new direction.

Malone concluded, “The Company believes that this approach managed by these key Audiovox employees will help build a stronger, more personal relationship with the 12 Volt channel expanding our presence there and providing a quicker and local response to all an accounts issues regardless of what department those issues might involve.”

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