12VoltToons – New Look Adds to KnowledgeFest Shine

shine-on-fullfooterSHREVEPORT, LA (08.23.2013) – Attending KnowledgeFest 2013 was a very enlightening experience for 12votnews.com. We trust all attendees had a similar experience.

12voltBite, a new product from 12voltnews.com, got so many positive comments. Remarks like “awesome”, “how cool is that”, “that’s something the industry can use” and even “genius” were used. A 12voltBite adds a 15 second audio element to Instagram image posts. Click the Play icon below to view the dynamic Toons video.

In the short two days following KowledgeFest, we have added new upgrades to the 12voltBite product – a music bed plus image motion.

This week’s 12voltToons, highlighting KnowledgeFest 2013, incorporates the music bed and moving images noted above.

The bright lights of the east and west coasts don’t shine on Shreveport, LA, That said, 12voltnews.com continues to work to help our industry “Get Our Shine On.”

Hope all enjoy this weekend’s 12voltToons and 12voltBite posts on Instagram and other social media channels.