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Solace Tri-City Tour

Phil Heck

Phil Heck

EDMONTON, ALBERTA (08.15.2013) – Solace Technical Support Manager Phil Heck was on hand at each stop the recent 3-City Tour, August 7th, 8th and 9th. Solace and Mid-State Distributing hosted dealers in Minneapolis, Des Moines and Kansas City KS to prepare dealers for the upcoming remote starter season. Heck’s 3-City tour comments and observations on the whirlwind tour are below.

“Our first stop in Minneapolis was the perfect kickoff to a successful Tri-City tour. All that showed up were excited to hear about the new products coming out, and the expansion of our product line-up. Everything from excellent tech-support to top quality product was stated by individuals at the show.

Since our last tour, members of Team Solace (store owners, installers, salesman) have really started to embrace the ‘Team’ mindset and our starting to think outside the box by asking for specific tools to increase their profits or sales, whether its installation tactics to increase profit dollars in the till, or customized marketing tools to promote Solace in-store, or in the media for increased customer bases.

e-ad-1_solaceFor us at Solace, the input that we receive when talking face-to-face with sales professionals, installers, and even owners is invaluable. it really does make the product that much better, There is no company like Solace out there that takes direct input from its customers and puts it to paper.

This mentality really continued into Des Moines, with even more happy customers with more input for us to go back to Canada with.

Kansas City was a new city for us and those who attended were excited to see a company like Solace that is here to help them, not just sell them products or take orders for product.

Even going to a store to show an installer that couldn’t make it to the Show what Solace was all about, even going as far as giving an In-Vehicle Demo on how easy the programming works on a Solace unit. The installer (who really are the toughest to close) was sold. He said ‘Finally, something that makes sense,’ and ‘Really, that’s it, I just learned how to completely program a Solace remote starter in less than 2 minutes, WOW.'”