TCA Sound-Off Challenge Tour 2013 Series Final Set: July 20

feat_bite-tcaudioBENTON, AR (07.15.2013) – The TCA Sound-Off Challenge Tour 2013 Series Finals is set for Saturday, July 20th.

TC Audio’s Todd Crowder, the series architect, told 12voltnews.com “The first 7 events on the TCA Tour have been very successful. Our goal was to raise the level of awareness for quality car audio in the central Arkansas area.”

Todd Crowder

Todd Crowder

Crowder continued, “Based on the turnout at the first 7 events, plus the buzz for the upcoming Series Final, we think we met and exceeded our goals for the first year. In fact the Series Final event has far outgrown the TCA location and has been moved to the Old Benton Airport grounds.

The TCA Sound-Off Challenge Tour kicked of at the TCA Audio location in Benton on April 6th. Two events each with Glisson’s Motorsports – Hot Springs, Music Mart – Little Rock and Arkansas Car Stereo – Little Rock led to the upcoming Series Final at the Old Benton Airport on July 20th.

Rockford Fosgate Mini-Sound Lab

Rockford Fosgate Mini-Sound Lab

A highlight for those attending the Series Final will be a Rockford Fosgate Mini-Sound Lab experience. Chuck McLennan, Momentum Marketing, commented to 12voltnews.com “We have been in the territory with our Mini Sound Lab for a couple of weeks. When dealers, and consumers, take a seat in the Mini-Sound Lab they quickly know why they have on ear protection. They also keep an eye on the big red “Kill” button. The sound pressure in the Mini can be painful. We are looking forward to being a part of the TCA Series Final.”

tcashowdraft3-8.5x5.5-backThe TCA Series final has been upgraded to USACi 3X event status. Competitors will be able to run for world records as USACi’s Ralph Randall will be on site with official mics and meter in hand.

“The acceptance by competitors and spectators in the area has been tremendous. Glisson’s Motorsports, Music Mart and Arkansas Car Stereo have seen business results from the series – as has TC Audio. Team TCA Audio did not travel to distant events like SBN this year. We made the decision to invest in this series of shows locally to raise the awareness of our products. We think that was a good business decision and are looking forward to the Series Final on July 20th” Crowder concluded.

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A big 12voltnews.com “Hats Off” to the 4 retailers who came together to make the 2013 TCA Tour successful – Glisson’s Motorsports, Music Mart, Arkansas Car Stereo and TC Audio.

The late “BJ” would have been proud.

Click here to visit TCA’s site for more information. Visit soundoff.org for entry rules and classes.