UPDATE: Specialty Marketing Sets 6-City 2013 Listening and Tech Tour

tech tourMECHANICSVILLE, VA (06.03.2013) – “We are getting a lot of buzz about each stop on our 6-city schedule which begins at our Mechanicsville location – Tuesday June 4th. Dealers are saying they want to get the hands-on DEI training on remote starter ready. Also, I have heard from other Sony distributors that the Sony Listening experience is so much more than an A/B comparison between speakers. Our dealers who take part in those sessions will gain considerable knowledge that they can utilize in their sales floors. With over 2 dozen brands actively participating our 2013 Tech and Listening Tour is a must attend event for 12volt retailers throughout the Specialty Marketing territory,” Lance Diehr commented to 12voltnews.com.

Paul Trueman, Manager – CE Retail Division, related to 12voltnews.com “Specialty Marketing is a key distributor partner for SiriusXM. I look forward to working with 12volt dealers at multiple stops on the tour. The V200 continues to be a go to unit for 12volt retailers selling and installing aftermarket head units”

Specialty Marketing is “Takin’ It Back To The Streets” with an aggressive 6 city Listening and Tech Tour. The six tour stops and dates are Mechanicsville VA-June4th, Fairfield NJ -June 11th, Greensboro NC-July 9th, Baltimore MD-July 23rd, Buffalo NY-August 13th and Syracuse NY-August 15th. The tour stop in Fairfield will also serve as a Grand Opening for Specialty’s northern most distribution facility.

Lance Diehr, who heads up Specialty Marketing’s 12volt division told 12voltnews.com “The Summer 2013 Listening and Tech Tour combines the elements of a trade show and hands-on installation training. Over two dozen brands will exhibit and DEI will conduct “live” remote start installation training sessions. Sony’s GS Listening Tour will also be featured at each stop on the tour. In addition Pioneer’s latest products will be on display. JVC Mobile and Arsenal will be showcased in Mechanicsville and Baltimore.”

Click image to see more details about the Mechanicsville show.

Click image to see more details about the Mechanicsville, VA show.

Each event will provide dealers with opportunities to add to their sales and marketing skill sets. Product raffles and super show specials, along with lunch and dinner, make the Specialty Marketing Summer 2013 Listening and Tech Tour a must attend for dealers through out the company’s extensive territory along the eastern seaboard. Each dealer will also receive a $25. gas/toll Visa gift card for attending.

The first two stops on the tour will be hosted at Specialty Marketing’s facilities in Mechanicsville and Fairfield. Hotels venues for the July and August events will be announced in the near future.

“The Summer 2013 Tour stop in Fairfield will be a perfect opportunity for dealers to gain valuable knowledge and check out Specialty’s Fairfield warehouse. Ship time to most of the territory is one day from this location and with a well stocked warehouse we cover the just in time inventory needs of 12volt retailers” Larry Appleblatt commented to 12voltnews.com.

Juan Lugo, who heads Axxess activities for Metra, commented “We’ll be covering the new Auto Detect interfaces as well as highlighting the new protocol for the ASWC-1 that allows dual functions to SWC buttons. We will showing how installers can shave 50% off normal times with the use of Axxess and Metra products.”

Click image to see more details about the New Jersey show.

Click image to see more details about the New Jersey show.

Lisa Norris will also be on site at the Specialty event in Mechanicsville to show Metra, Install Bay, Raptor, TSpec and Shuriken brands.

“We are looking forward to attending the Specialty event in Fairfield NJ. An event like this important. Our techs and sales staff will get to spend 1-on-1 time with factory personnel plus touch and feel the latest products from a wide number of brands. The DEI live remote installation sessions, covering T-Harness applications, will be very informative. Also, we are excited to see Specialty’s new facility and take the tour” Rocco Gugliemello, Model Electronics, related to 12voltnews.com.

OPus Maketing Group will represent a number of lines on the Specialty Marketing 6-city tour. “Our hats off to the Specialty team for putting this tour together. We will be representing Directed, Mobileye, KVH, Rosen, Atrend and United HID. Lots of live installation and demo sessions will make it very worthwhile for dealers to put the most convenient tour stop on their schedule” Jamie White stated to 12voltnews.com.

“The Healy Group is looking forward to working with dealers on the 2013 Specialty Tech and Listen Tour. We will show the latest products from Power Acoustik, CRUX and Farenheit” Chris Healy emailed to 12voltnews.com.

12volt brands participating in the Summer 2013 Listening and Tech Tour include the aforementioned DEI, Sony, JVC Mobile plus Metra, Axxess, Rosen, Rydeen, Parrot, Audio Control, Power Acoustic, Mobileye, ARC Audio, Audiovox, Farenheit, SiriusXM, Stinger, PAC, HID Lights, CRUX, Dynamat and Atrend (Territory restrictions apply).