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Clarion Establishes New Silicon Valley Office to Strengthen Ties with Software and App Development Community

ClarionCypress, CA – (05.29.2013) – Clarion Corporation of America, a leader in consumer and commercial mobile electronics, announced today the establishment of a Silicon Valley office to cater to the growing software and app development needs associated with its cloud-connected in-vehicle multimedia and infotainment products and services.

With the continued popularity and growth of smartphones and tablets fueling software and app intensive business opportunities and innovations, Clarion is determined to take advantage of talents, creativity and resources available in the Silicon Valley area. The office will also facilitate Clarion’s engineering and product marketing teams to work closer with the company’s software and app developers, as well as Clarion’s strategic partners including Google with which Clarion recently announced a multi-year agreement.

“In the past year, we have witnessed a rapidly growing move towards cloud-connected infotainment systems for in-vehicle applications,” stated Paul Lachner, President of Clarion Corporation of America. “While we are excited about Clarion’s exclusive Smart Access being the first successful cloud-based in-vehicle system designed specifically for app-driven OEM and aftermarket applications, we believe the industry is just beginning to realize the opportunities and challenges associated with incorporating and operating cloud-connected devices inside the vehicle. Given that, it is of great strategic and tactical importance to Clarion to rely on a dedicated team that lives and works at the epicenter of innovation when it comes to apps and software development.”

Located in Santa Clara, California, the new Clarion office is minutes away from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino as well as Google’s offices in Sunnyvale. The facility is designed to accommodate engineers from Clarion’s Advanced Engineering group as well as product and marketing experts from the company’s Content and Service Planning group. Clarion expects the Silicon Valley office to positively influence the company’s product development efforts by promoting closer team work with its partners, foster creativity, and sharpen skills required for successfully competing in connectivity-focused markets.

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