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Audiomobile Ships GTS “21” Series Subwoofers

2110 Hero

2110 Hero

Las Vegas, NV, (05.20.2013) – Audiomobile is proud to announce they have commenced shipping of their latest series of advanced-technology subwoofers, the GTS Series. The “21” series presents an unbeatable composite performance envelope, perfect for today’s “forced-beta” system requirements.

The GTS family includes four drivers, the 2112 and 2110, each available in both single ‘2 ohm’ or ‘4 ohm’ versions, perfect for today’s Monoblock power amplifiers. The “21” series was specifically engineered to fulfill the benefits and promise of the “Isobarik” compound loading (as in ‘two in one’) design, providing twice the power-handling, with half the VAS of traditional subwoofer acoustic suspension enclosures, allowing the GTS series to work in amazingly small enclosures, as small half a cubic foot, ideal for today’s most common applications, small-sealed, yet requires a mounting depth of just 4.5” on GTS 2110.

Featuring a monolithic, solid-pole motor structure, with no axial rear motor vent, the new “21” series is unique due to the combination of handling 400 – 450 watts RMS, yet delivers a remarkable 13 mm one-way, linear Xmax, Klippel verified, significantly more than most shallow-mount subwoofers. However, the GTS series was designed for very flexible enclosure applications and features a mid-Q parameters, allowing for use in small, single-reflex bandpass and vented applications as well.

Key Features of the GTS series Include:

  • Custom tooled, low-profile, HexDelta (“HD”) 6-spoke steel frame accommodates large, 8” flat spider.
  • Proprietary “FAB-RAC” (Forced-Air-Bi-Radial-Asymmetrical Convection) thermal management system.
  • Fully machined motors feature low-carbon, 1008 steel, and large, powerful 50 oz. magnet structures.
  • Full-size, 2-inch pure Copper, multi-layer voice coils handle very high-power, for great thermal stability.
  • Advanced, CLS (Composite Laminated Sandwich) cone material provides high stiffness to mass ratio.
  • Aluminum Flux Modulation Ring reduces distortion, while taming inductance and power-compression.

Focused on providing dramatically improved performance to the upscale, boutique specialty retailer segment, Audiomobile is uniquely positioned in the market, featuring advanced, low-frequency transducer technologies while offering very attractive, high-value price points. This approach helps specialty retailers more effectively deal with the challenges forced upon them in key categories, due to the growing lack of distribution integrity.

audiomobile logoAccording to Matthew Overpeck, VP of Sales and Marketing, “Audiomobile products represent a synergy of advanced loudspeaker technologies, combined with “old-school” distribution integrity, where the focus of the company is on delivering sound-quality to the customer, while helping the specialty retailer to sell more upscale price points, and the collateral benefits that accompany this, with higher ROI for their inventory dollars.

Overpeck continued; “Our products are truly unique, both in their value-proposition, and in their array of very relevant applications, and these elements clearly have resonated with the upscale specialty retailers, allowing them to make room in their mix for our exceptional products, providing enhanced solutions to their needs and those of their increasingly demanding customers. Suggested retail for the 2112 and 2110 are $279 and $249.

Retailers who are interested in learning more about this opportunity are welcome to contact Audiomobile at (702) 221 – 1977, or to email the company at or for additional information.