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DS18 is Now Shipping 11 Models of Amplifiers

DS18 ampPembroke Park, FL (05.08.2013) – The DS18 brand of amplifiers has brought something new to the industry, higher power sizes, built-in voltage and temperature meters. The DS18 series is streamlined, even more powerful and innovative than any other amplifier series on the market. These are the amplifiers that any serious listener ‘goes to’ when in need of ultimate power, striking looks and all the necessary features.

DS18 logoDS18 offers 11 models ranging from the DS1200.2 2-channel featuring 1200 watts of max power, 2×150 RMS watts at 4 ohms, 2×300 RMS watts at 2 ohms and 1×600 RMS watts 4 ohms bridged to the DS-15k BEEMA Monoblock Class D with max power of 15000 watts, 1×3250 RMS watts at 4 ohms, 1×7500 RMS watts at 2 ohms and 1×15000 RMS watts at 1 ohm. The DS-15k BEEMA also features a remote gain control.

To see all 4-models of 2-channel, 3-models of 4-channel and 4-models of Monoblock DS18 amplifiers go to